To wage an information war, you need ample resources. What if a billionaire who understood the true, tragic cost of waging reckless war had funded a “secretariat” that would have provided an organization for these valiant anti-war voices, many of them retired, high-level military, national security and diplomatic officials, to multiply and get on the mass media and get up on Capitol Hill to rebut the lies, propaganda and cover-ups of the Bush/Cheney war machine?

The impulsive, unlawful plunge into military attacks has already happened again in Libya with far-reaching chaos and violence into adjoining African regions.

It could happen again and again to embroil the United States in illegal quagmire wars and blowbacks unless serious efforts are made to create an outspoken, anti-war Secretariat with the experience and the resources to counter the insatiable military-industrial complex and its war-mongering ideologues.

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